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MaKers LDN is the new contemporary street wear label by former M.I.A stylist and designer, Melody Maker. The collection is a snapshot of London’s creative scene, infused with abstract prints and accessories.


The debut collection ‘Powdered Dreams’ is a melange of accessories and ready-to-wear womenswear and menswear separates. Print crop tops and leggings duo, leather panelled backpacks, bomber jackets, beanie hats and midi body-con dresses are spattered with a contemporary digital print on a delicate silk material. For this collection, Melody has drawn inspiration from London’s underground scene mixed with chaotic monochrome prints and the ‘Tumblr/Internet’ generation with bold designs.


MaKers LDN exudes an indisputable spirit of East London’s style, which wouldn’t look out of place amongst some of the city’s new wave of fashion revellers. Eye-catching crops, leggings and the daring midi dress are dominant enough to be worn through the day and transformed for night. Teamed with a pair of statement trainers in a contrasting colour for a laid back look or chunky platform heels for an uber striking outfit!


The ‘Powdered Dreams’ collection captures the fashion zeitgeist and continues to make waves amongst some of the fashion industry’s key tastemakers and celebrities alike. Some of the most influential fashion publications have featured the collection, with celebrities such as Charlie XCX donning several pieces for her new music video.


Sexy, riveting separates for women? Check! Effortlessly cool and stylish garments for the fashion conscious modern man? Check! Colour clashing unisex accessories such as back packs and beanie hats? Check! As a designer, Melody demonstrates and represents, with MaKers LDN, the importance of idealistic yet individual and affordable fashion for notable occasions or as the backdrop of London’s daily bustling  creative lifestyle.



“Fresh Face of Fashion” - RWD Magazine

“Delivers a fresh take on fashion” - Notion Magazine